Things to consider, avoiding data catastrophes from occurring in your organization.

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avoiding data catastrophes
This blog discusses regarding how businesses must develop an appropriate strategy, decide the right backup type from different backup options and to protect your PC.

Assign a Password to your PC

Password protect your computer to prevent unwanted access. Change your password at least every alternate month or every time you want to prevent someone who may know it (i.e. former employee) from using it.

Secure Your Email

Use a spam filter to filter unwanted email. Never send confidential information (i.e. passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers) via email. Always verify a website’s URL before submitting your private info.

Protect your PC

Use antivirus and firewall software, and enable Automatic Updates for Windows Security. Make sure to have your antivirus signature file updated, as new viruses keep coming.

Protect Your Data Properly

Never rely on external/flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. to protect your mission critical data. They can easily fail, get lost, stolen or mishandled. Also, you can miss manual backups.

Password Safety, Your Data Safety

Remember, only you have access to your password, and without it you cannot retrieve your data. Write down the password you created during setup, and store it safely in two places.

Consider File Retention Strategies

For longer retention, create archive files and back them up. For example, create a monthly zip file with the date in the filename.

Check Backup Log Files

Periodically check the log files on your backup account to make sure all your files are backing up properly.