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Fintech College Sales Tax Course will set you up for success!

We are proud to offer you the most interactive, hands-on practical training available today.

You will learn from industry experts who have mastered GST/HST.

Our GST/HST course with the essential knowledge you need to be comfortable when dealing with GST/HST matters. It is a course that will teach you the GST/HST framework, who needs to register and who may NOT, ITC’s specific rules, The Quick Method, Accounting for Sales Tax, Multi Province GST, RST, QST and PST. Dealing with CRA’s Audit and GST on Residential properties and much more…..

This course will also focus on Remitting GST/HST on Employee Benefits and we’ll tell you what you need to know so that you don’t get caught in the CRA’s web.

Earning Potential


Sales Tax Consultations typically range between
$250 to $1,000*

*This is a sample of industry rates in North America. The rates above are not guaranteed. Local or regional income may vary.
*Graphic is hypothetical and is for educational purposes only.

What will you learn

Our GST/HST course, available Live Online from anywhere or in-person, will build your existing bookkeeping skills to taxation level. You’ll learn everything about sales tax that you need to know as a bookkeeper, while building your new and advanced skills through regular hands-on exercises, one-on-one mentorship, and interactive lessons. Some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • Fundamentals of Canadian Sales Tax
  • Introduction to GST/HST taxation framework and PST, RST and QST
  • Taxable, Zero-Rated and Exempt supplies
  • Best practices to record input tax credits (ITC)
  • Go advance with learning about GST/HST on employee benefits
  • Using Quick Method and its mechanics
  • How to deal with GST/HST with Audits

This course is the third step in our Accounting and Bookkeeping Career Pathway, a proven five-step process that will transform you from a beginner bookkeeper to a Professional Bookkeeper, fast!

Course Syllabus

Our syllabus gives you a detailed breakdown of the in-demand skills you’ll learn, and a preview of the hands-on exercises your will do in this course.

Download Syllabus

Take our Self-Evaluators

The online self evaluators will take you less than 5 minutes to complete and will help us understand your career goals and the kind of setting where you would be most comfortable working. You can take evaluations for several of the subjects which are included in this program.

Self Assessment Evaluation of your GST/HST (Sales Tax) Knowledge


Any business that expects to have or currently has over $30,000 in sales over the past 4 quarters must be registered for GST and/or HST. About 3.5 million businesses file GST/HST returns in Canada.
  • This quiz is intended as a self assessment to test your knowledge and areas of improvement. There are 10 questions MCQ’s (multiple choice questions)
  • Choose your answer to the question and click "Next" to see how you did.
  • Each correct answer will give you a point and you will be able to see your percentage scored at the end.

When you have completed the test, click 'See Result' to see your results. Good luck!

Self Evaluation of Your GST/HST (Sales Tax) Knowledge

At the end of Quiz, Get Results, instantly!

1 / 10

Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon do not charge territorial sales taxes. How many provinces do not charge a provincial sales tax?

2 / 10

The Quick Method for calculating the GST/HST is available to accounting firms if the firm's revenue is less than $400,000.

3 / 10

In the case of services, the place of supply to determine the appropriate GST/HST is the location of the customer and not where the service is render.

4 / 10

Which of the following lists of supplies contains only "taxable supplies"?

5 / 10

Which of the following is not one of the dates that would normally cause GST/HST to be charged to a customer?

6 / 10

In respect of a house acquired for personal use by an individual, which of the following statements is true?

7 / 10

For a registrant to claim an input tax credit (ITC) on a $100 invoice, the supplier's invoice must contain.

8 / 10

When a business that is registered for GST/HST is selling 90% or more of its assets together as a whole, to another registrant who will continue operating the business, which of the following statements is false?

9 / 10

How many provinces follow HST tax model?

10 / 10

Two corporations are each owned 60% by Kayla. Since the corporations are related for tax purposes, on any sale of goods or services between the corporations.

Your score is



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What will be provided in Training

Live Instructor Led Training By Industry Experts

A Fintech Certified Logo along with a Certificate of Completion

Study Material with Exercises

Your Questions Answered

Why Fintech College ?

Why Our GST/HST Professional Certification Course?

  • Our GST/HST Certification Course covers everything you need to know to become a GST/HST Professional.
  • This comprehensive course delivers the latest indirect tax resources, techniques and business tools to help you succeed.
  • The course teaches the GST/HST fundamentals you must know to become a tax preparer/practitioner.
  • You will get complete hands-on preparing GST/HST return.
  • Understand what are the common audit issues, what CRA looks in, how to avoid these common but costly mistakes.
  • Get to know what is Quick Method, when to use to it and who can use it.
  • What are Taxable, Zero-Rated and Exempt supplies.
  • Practical and Theoretical with examples

Small Class Sizes (6-8 students)

  • Why be with 20 or 30 other students when you can get a premium learning experience online with a handful of students.
  • Our small class size is designed to facilitate small group discussion, one-to-one mentoring and personalized training & coaching!
  • Our live virtual training center utilizes the latest technology to bring you a seamless learning experience.
  • Our academy is focused on providing a supportive and personalized experience – the perfect environment for learning.

Why Our Course?

  • Our GST/HST Professional Certification Course is a ALL IN ONE.
  • Our instruction is all live and in person, with no student instructors.
  • You will learn all the material you require to be “job ready” or “starting your bookkeeping business” in the week you spend at our training center.
  • In our courses you will learn what it would take years to learn on your own!
  • *This program does not require approval under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005

Support after Course

  • This is a FREE support plan that is included with your course.
  • We are just a phone call away for any assistance, consultation that you need for your job or work.
  • Whatever you need, we are here for you.
  • This plan is unlimited and never expires.
  • Imagine having access to your own personal business guru.
  • This plan gives you the friendly & approachable support you need.
  • All of this is provided to you by our Business Trainer and Coach, Harsh Oza.

After You Graduate

You will:

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Join our Fintech Alumni Group and become a part of community.
  • Be fully qualified to do maintain Payroll and remittances for small to medium businesses.
  • NO EXAM TO WRITE! Why? Because being relaxed is part of our Philosophy of Positive Learning. Learn comfortably without fearing a big intimidating exam at the end of the week.
  • We are confident in our program that we offer. And so, our graduates may come back and attend the course again as many times as they like, absolutely FREE for 12 Months!
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