Important update to correct T4 filings – QuickBooks Desktop

A new release an update to correct how amounts are autofilled in boxes 57-60 on the T4.
This new update is targeted for release on February 18th.

What happened?

Earlier this month, when QuickBooks launched the functionality to autofill the T4 boxes 57-60, it did not calculate the correct amounts including the commissions and other taxable benefits represented by code 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 86. To make sure your tax forms are completed correctly, they have temporarily removed this autofill function.

QuickBooks will be launching the fix on February 18th, at which point you will be able to use this functionality with the additional improvements.

QuickBooks recommends:

Please wait to complete your T4’s until after the fix is live. If you complete any manual entries in boxes 57-60 before the update, there could be an error in the calculations. Once the update is completed if you notice any discrepancies in boxes 57-60, please check to make sure whether any manual adjustments are needed before submitting your T4’s.

Need to file your T4’s before February 18th?

If you require to file your T4’s ahead of the February 18th launch, you are able to manually fill out these boxes as shown in this community article.

Already filed your T4’s?

If you used the autofill feature between January 28th – February 11th and filed the T4 with one of the impacted codes, you will need to regenerate the T4 form and file an official amendment with the CRA. Doing so should not result in any penalties.

If your auto-update is on, you should see this functionality in your QuickBooks Desktop product following the scheduled February 18th release.


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