Exciting New Beginning: Fintech Academy is re-branding to Fintech College

Fintech Academy was started with a goal to provide quality education to students in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxation fields. More than 2,500 students have taken education via our courses from Fintech Academy.

We started our first students batch, back in 2014 and we received overwhelming response. Our students were happy with our learning methods, as they could apply the knowledge that they captured instantly at their work. With our proprietary study books, with examples which were resembling scenarios to live industry, the students were able to utilize their skills confidently. Students were able to find jobs with our knowledge. We got most of our students through friends telling about us, and till today that’s our best source of students. Our marketing budget is tiny, in fact for initial 2-3 years we didn’t do any marketing. We started growing very fast, but we always wanted to be student centric academy rather than numbers.

Our alumni are so passionate about what we do and the community that we serve every day that we were nervous to share that we’re going through a re-brand. However, everyone we’ve told so far has given us a thumbs up. In fact, they are more than happy to see us now getting a title of “College”. We are confident that we’re going to be able to bring meaning to our new name even more easily, and soon it will feel like it’s always been who we are.

Learning Is A Continuous JOURNEY, Not A DESTINATION

To take education at next level, Fintech Academy is now Fintech College of Business and Technology. Our focus and goal is still the same, Knowledge First for our students. So, what is it? It’s Fintech, Fintech College or Fintech College of Business and Technology. They all work.

The word “Fintech” we selected as we will be providing education in both Finance and Technology fields. Both the areas are in demand and fast growing. Our students will have education in best of both worlds.

Our future programs and courses will be focussed to create value for our students by providing education which will be used in industry.

Our existing courses are going to be expanded with more learning topics, more hands-on exercises and more hours, which will make our students better knowledgeable for the industry. So, though it is now time for us to say good-bye, thank you, and farewell to Fintech Academy, know that the things that made you love Fintech Academy aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re doubling down on them. Our values remain the same – to be welcoming, to be always improving, to care deeply, to do the right thing, and to have fun. Our mission also isn’t changing – we want to provide the best learning experiences in the whole world for people looking to break into accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and tech world. The thing that is changing along with our name is our vision – it’s getting bigger.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Career Pathway Begins May 30th


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