Which QuickBooks Online subscription should I go for, “EasyStart”, “Essentials”, “Plus”.

Only for Canadian Users.

Below is a quick comparison of which subscription can suit your Business

Feature EasyStart Essentials Plus
Invoicing and Receive Payments l l l
Expenses and Cheques l l l
Download Banking and Credit Card transactions l l l
Access from other devices (PC/MAC/Smartphone/Tablet) l l l
Custom Reports l l l
Sales Tax Reports l l l
Bills and Pay Bills l l
Recurring Transactions l l
Account Receivables and Payables l l
Inventory Tracking l
Advanced Accounting l
Inventory Reports l
Order Management l
Order Management l
Payroll (Additional Cost) l l l
Number of Users) 1 3 5

Need more information?

The below link provide more comparison of features
Upgrade from lower to higher version can be done with QBO but downgrade from higher to lower version, data cannot be transferred.

I.e. QBO Plus to Essentials or EasyStart may not be possible.


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