How to format invoicing in QuickBooks Online

Can I have my personalized invoicing in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, you can.

In QBO there are multiple layouts provided and you can customize these layouts up to certain extent.

From the Gear icon, go to “Custom Form Styles”


Select “Edit” from the extreme right.

From here in the left you can choose your

  • Layout (Style) – Select the style that matches your Business.
  • Appearance – Make changes to Logo size, location, Font size, paper margin settings.
  • Header – You change Form name, Company Name details, Information to be printed for customer and there is also flexibility to add ‘Custom Fields”.
  • Activity Table – This covers information which is displayed in the “Columns”. Select the columns to be available on screen and printing. You also option to setup taxes.
  • Footer – If you need to add a footer message for your Customers, this is the section which gives you healthy space to enter multiple lines. This can cover your terms or disclaimer information, which is required on each invoice.


Once you have setup all of these, click “save”.

To view your layout click ‘Preview or Print” on the bottom right corner

This will provide a layout of your form

The layout can be used for “Invoice”, “Estimate” and “Sales Receipt”.


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